Event Planning & Event Management

Market and plan your next event with Allen Media in Western MA & Southwest FL!

You’re busy enough with running your business – don’t add the stress of planning an event to your to-do list. That’s where Allen Media comes in. Businesses have events for just about anything, whether it’s a fundraiser, tradeshow, team building activity, or community outreach. We will not only plan the event but ensure that it runs smoothly the day of.

When it comes to event planning, we will work with you to understand your vision, needs, and requests for the event. Meanwhile, event management deals more with the logistics of planning the event.

How Allen Media can help you:

  • Choosing a theme
  • Finding and reserving the right venue
  • Arranging guest speakers
  • Creating invitations
  • Coordinate sponsors
  • Managing event staff
  • Resolving any issues that occur

There are certain things you should consider when first planning your event, including who your target audience is, what the purpose of the event is, and know what your budget is going to be. With event planning and management, you might hit some bumps in the road, but Allen Media is here to help. We will also help develop creative marketing campaigns to spread the word about your event and encourage people to register.

Whether it is a small get together or a large corporate event, Allen Media has the experience, knowledge, and connections to create a successful and enjoyable event for you, your business, and your guests. Contact us to start planning your event today!