The Do’s and Don’ts of Event Planning

9/20/2017 |


Many businesses host events for just about anything such as fundraisers, community outreach, tradeshows, or even team building activities. At times, event planning can seem stressful and become overwhelming because of all the small details that are put into preparation. Before you become overwhelmed – take a breath. Remember these simple dos and don'ts of event planning and you'll be sure to throw a successful event!

Target Audience

Do think of your target audience. What is this event for? Who do you want to come to this event? Choosing a theme and knowing your target audience is a key part to a successful event.

Don't leave your event to chance and hope that the people you want at your event will show up.


Do try and stick to your budget. Think creatively and outside the box to maximize your budget. Make a list of items that absolutely need to be a part of your event to ensure that your budget will cover all of these needed items.

Don't cut corners to cut costs. Cutting costs is fine, but skipping out on the appetizers or lunch just to save a couple extra dollars could result in a lot of unhappy and fatigued guests.


Do stick to a strict timeline. Make sure that you, your vendors, your venue, and its staff are all on the same page as far as timing goes.

Don't simply just "wing it." Many people leave their event to chance without planning which results in a miscount of guests, forgotten items, or a lot of unneeded stress. It's best to always be prepared.


Do use professional recommended services. These could range from a caterer, DJ, or professional decorator. By hiring experts in the required fields, you're leaving all of the professional work to them.

Don't try to do everything yourself. Unless you’re a professional chef, DJ, or decorator, don’t try to do it all on your own. Plus trying to be in multiple places at once would be difficult, wouldn't it?

All events are likely to hit some small bumps in the road. Still feeling overwhelmed? Allen Media is ready to help smooth out the ride. We have the knowledge, creative experience, and connections to guarantee your event is a success!

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