Social Media - Yay or Nay?

5/22/2014 |


With 73% of online adults using social networking sites, market researchers are now finding more and more consumers trusting social media to get their information, news, and advice. This growing tendency to turn to the internet to find information about a business proves that a comprehensive online presence is becoming increasingly crucial to a business's success.

Social Media is the Game Changer

  • Social media is effective and inexpensive. Rather than shelling out millions of dollars for print or television advertisements, companies are learning to generate buzz about their business by creating viral content and encouraging shares and likes which get people talking about their product or service.
  • Success of social media campaigns are easily monitored and measured compared to other advertising vehicles. Interactive features such as Facebook Likes and Shares, Twitter Retweets, Comments, YouTube dislikes etc. are all valuable indicators of the success of a social media campaign.
  • Customer acquisition and direct interaction is easy on social media. Social media provides direct channels to your consumers which allow for quick responses to consumer problems and successes. In turn, this high level of communication helps to facilitate and increase levels of customer satisfaction.
  • Companies are able to gain an edge over competition by analyzing social media to gain insight and statistics on consumers. By paying close attention to customer complaints, which posts receive the most attention, and the type of content people are talking about, businesses are able to better cater to the consumer’s needs and give them the answers and products they are searching for.
  • Social media platforms ultimately allow companies to build brand awareness.

Social Media: Not A Matter of If, But When

According to Social Media Examiner's 2013 End of Year Report, marketers are placing very high value on social media marketing. Companies are spending more and more time on social media to boost brand awareness, and increase sales in doing so. In our ever growing technology obsessed society, social media for the business is no longer a novelty idea, it is a necessity.

At Allen Media, we utilize various social media platforms to spread awareness of your brand. We will create and maintain your online presence to fit your expectations, and help you stay connected to your target audiences and build relationships with customers. To get started please visit our website

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