Is Your Campaign Effective?

2/13/2015 |


As with every good public relations launch, the campaigns to improve public opinion and relations with the community are crucial in determining your company’s overall success. You need to make sure your campaigns accomplish their target objective and leave a lasting impression. To do this Allen Media, Inc. uses the public relations acronym R.O.P.E. to break up the pieces.


Be sure to have conducted enough research about the audience you're reaching. It's critical that we know who you are trying to reach inside and out. Learn about what are the most efficient in reaching your audience. Creating a print campaign aimed at a demographic of 14-20 year olds may not be as effective as it would be online. Knowing these things will give you a huge advantage as the process of creating an effective campaign carries out.


Allen Media, Inc. will create a very clear and specific objective for your campaign. The more specific the objective, the easier it will be for you to measure whether or not your goals were accomplished. General objectives leave a lot of ambiguity and room for error. Set your goals alongside a timeline to track your progress chronologically.


Now that you know what you want to accomplish, you must go about implementing the pieces to achieve your objective. This is where you develop the work that accomplishes what you want. Your goals should indicate what actions you should take in order to reach your final objective. Allen Media, Inc. will plan press releases or press conferences at crucial times to ensure you gain media attention.


When the campaign has ended take a moment and breath. Next, look back over your campaign and what you could have done better. Which areas did you spend more time than others? Did the campaign meet it's target objective? Take what you learn from developing this campaign and transfer it to future campaigns. Whether they're similar or not, experience will always be the greatest teacher.

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