How to Create Quality Content That Your Target Market Cares About

3/7/2017 |


Why is creating quality content important?

Content, such as blogs and social media posts, get customers to come to you. Content that answers consumer’s questions and helps them solve a problem creates a relationship with the audience, and hopefully leads to profitable customer action. In addition, search engines rank websites with better content higher because they are perceived to being more helpful to the user. If other sites link to your page, you’ll be boosted even higher in the search engine rankings. However, it isn’t always easy to come up with the right content.

Picking Your Target Market

Before you start your content marketing campaign, you need to have a clearly defined target market for your product or service. Once you have determined whom you’re selling to, you must discover what is important to the people within your market:

  • What are their wants, needs, questions, problems, etc.?
  • What entertains and engages them?
  • What is the reading level of your audience?

The more you know about your audience, the better!

Creating Quality Content

Now that you know the issues your customer base is facing, it’s time to be the hero and solve their problems! Create content that directly addresses the issues and concerns of your audience. When providing your audience with a solution, make sure to educate them on how your business fits into the picture. This is a vital step in turning leads into actual paying customers. However, be careful. You content should not sound like a sales pitch. Your content should be valuable, relevant, and consistent.

According to Forbes, the author of the content is also an important factor. An author who has high expertise and has written other quality content is ideal. This provides your brand with credibility and the trust of the audience.

Another principal factor is the caliber of links that are connected to your content. High quality links boost your rankings within search engines, while poor links subtract from your credibility and decrease the quality of your post. Once you start creating content, monitor views, shares, engagement, and comments to see which content is performing the best. Use this information to strengthen your strategy as time goes on.

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