How Often Should You Update Your Company’s Website?

1/29/2015 |


So, you have an appealing website with all the pertinent information about your company, but is that really enough for good business? The answer is no. Your website and online presence is the bridge between you and your customers. Therefore it needs to be regularly maintained, your visitors need a reason to keep coming back to your page.

Regularly updating your website keeps it fresh with the always-changing social environment. Regular social media posts also increase your chances to be found on search engines.

What Should Be Updated?

The next question then, is what should you be updating to attract new and loyal customers?

  • Content is key! Providing new content for your customers keeps your website up to date. It also helps maintain the relationship with your customers and retain their interest to check your website more often. Providing information about topics that will benefit your visitors is important. Your page should not be all about trying to sell.
  • Humanize: Whether you are a big or small company, you should post in order to "show your face" to customers. Customers want to know that you are just like them. They want to know they can trust your company and by showing some personality, this can be achieved.

Tips on What to Avoid 

Regularly updating your website does not mean you need to go over the top and overhaul the major aspects of your page.

  • Keeping a simple and consistent layout allows visitors to easily navigate through your website and find what they are looking for.
  • Don't post the same content as you do for all of your media outlets or your customers will not need to check your website as well.

Remember a few quality posts have a better impact than a high quantity of lower quality posts. Regular updates do not have to be daily, but having at least a few updates a month is a great website goal.

If you are looking to keep your website up-to-date or need assistance with properly maintaining your website, Allen Media is here to help. Call us at 413-534-6100, (941) 237-0408 or email to learn more

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