A Direct Mail Campaign for YOU

4/27/2015 |


Creating direct mail materials can feel like a daunting task. As a small business having a poorly put together campaign can be damaging to your reputation in your local community. This is why Allen Media Inc. will help you create effective print materials to reach your marketing goals.

In today's world technology is still on the rise, so why invest in direct mail? Surprisingly, based on research from the Chief Marketing Officer Council, direct mail still holds one of the highest response rates (against email, internet display ads and paid searches).

When you decide that a direct mailing campaign is what your team needs, determine the group you are going to mail. Perhaps this is a segment of people who have used your service the most and you're looking to entice them to choose your business again. Or there could be an unexplored demographic that you're interested in diving into. Whatever the demographic you choose make sure it's very specific so as to improve your analytics afterward.

Here are some of the materials you can use to create a direct mailing campaign:

  • An envelope: The package containing all of your marketing materials, create an envelope that excites the receiver with a call to action
  • A letter: This is the pitch you give to your customer, make sure any offers you have are included at least twice in the letter
  • A flyer: The perfect space for any dynamic graphics that you're using to captivate your audience
  • A response card: Give your audience the tools to start the dialogue, this will be how you can measure a response from your campaign

Launching a direct mailing campaign is great for a business of any size because it can fit whatever budget you set for the project. That said, it is suggested that before you launch a direct mailing campaign you do a preliminary sample of your demographic and wait to see if there’s a response. Set a benchmark of responses you're looking to receive, if it goes over your expectations then you can choose to move forward with your campaign. If you find there's underwhelming response then you know a new demographic may be more appropriate to test out.

Direct mailing is an effective way to get your name out there and get leads. For more information and assistance with your next campaign call Allen Media, Inc. at 413-534-6100.

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