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We take the time to get to know you - our client. We make your business "our" business - whatever your needs may be.

Tell us who you are and let us use our industry experience to create a customized advertising and marketing plan that promotes your business with the messaging you want to share with your current and future customers.

Allen Media, Inc. believes that we help shape a plan for our clients ongoing advertising, marketing, and creative efforts that effectively blends marketing branding and technology. We value working with our clients on a consistent basis to better understand their challenges, goals, and direction.

David Allen, President of Allen Media

Allen Media

David has been highly successful in advertising and sales throughout his career. David started his career in the industry as a young newspaper rep – gaining his street smarts about the marketplace through hands on experience. He worked his way up the ladder through various management positions and was selected as the Regional Sales Trainer for an Atlanta based Fortune 500 company before starting his own agency. David Allen saw a need in the advertising industry and developed his Full Circle Media approach to bring his clients – from family run “specialty” businesses to multi restaurant groups, adult retirement communities, banks to automotive and motorcycle dealerships – a personalized, dynamic and effective marketing campaign that brings the results they want on a budget they can afford.

Laura Barbieri, Bookkeeping & Printing Services

Laura has been crunching numbers for local businesses for 20+ years in many industries. We are impressed with Laura's experience and pleased to have her on the team! Laura can be reached at bookkeeper@allenmedia.net.

Matt Penza, Creative Director

Matt oversees all projects at Allen Media and has been active in the industry for over 20 years. After receiving a degree in Art/Graphic Design, Matt worked for ten years in a high volume print shop in the Boston area. Matt offers extensive knowledge in design from print to marketing, advertising, social media, and website maintenance. He is involved with many aspects at the agency, including Graphic & Web Design, Website Management & Maintenance and E-Mail Marketing. Matt is extremely creative and works in a timely fashion without compromising the end result. Matt can be reached at Matt@allenmedia.net.

Brennan StGermain, Graphic & Video Design

Brennan is happy to be part of our graphic team and we are pleased to have him on board! Brennan brings over a decade of experience to the agency and works on various projects. No matter how small or large, Brennan is ready to assist! Brennan can be reached at brennan@allenmedia.net.

Deborah O'Neill, Public Relations & Social Media Management

Deborah is a valued member of our team. She has an extensive background in marketing, public relations, event planning, copywriting, social media, and local media. She has a Bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Massachusetts in Amherst, and she was a copywriter and event planner in the marketing department of a local newspaper for many years. Deborah is also a fine artist who exhibits her paintings and photography at several shows a year, including the NYC Washington Square Art Exhibit, the Mystic CT, and Portland ME Art Festivals. “I enjoy the energy and direction of David Allen and Allen Media, Inc. and I’m glad to be part of a great creative team.” Deborah can be reached at deborah@allenmedia.net.

Scott Greene, Client Specialist

Scott is a results-oriented, customer-centric executive with extensive experience forging strong relationships with a diverse range of clients. He has exceptional customer service skills and a solid background as a marketing and sales executive. He will work directly with clients who want to optimize their presence in the market with the signature “Full Circle” approach of Allen Media, Inc. Scott can be reached at Scott@allenmedia.net.

Commercial Production & Photography

Allen Media Allen Media, Inc. offers complete production services for our clients' traditional, social and digital marketing needs which include creative script concepts, radio commercial production, on location production shoots and editing to the final product.

Website Design, Management, Digital Marketing & Search Engine Optimization Services

Allen Media, Inc. is proud to provide our clients with the best web development, maintenance, digital marketing and search engine optimization services available. Not only does Allen Media provide website creative and management internally, we commission three of the best Digital & SEO firms available. Two national and on the local level. With our combined talented resources, Allen Media provides its clients the latest digital marketing, SEO techniques and website maintenance software available to increase our clients’ online presence and have proven to be successful at increasing digital positioning.

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